Daryush Daer

بنیانگذار و مدیر اجرایی کلینیک تخصصی پوست و مو و زیبایی و تغذیه و تناسب اندام دائر و تنها مجری
انحصاری روش کاشت موی اتوماتیک در ایران

Dr. Daryush Daer

Dr.Dariush Daer returned to Iran, after completing his specialized education in the field of Dermatology, and winning a scholarship to the American Academy of Dermatology in 2007, to start patient treatment and continue his scientific activities

Diagnosis and treatment of Dermatological diseases, Laser treatment of hair and skin diseases, activities related to skin beauty such as microdermabrasion, gel injection, Botox injection, autologous fat transfer, Mesotherapy, variant beauty operations, and, the new active PRP method, which uses active platelet-riched plasma cells, are some of his fields of interest. Furthermore, due to his special interest in hair diseases, he has always been one of the active researchers of this field. Therefore after gaining expertise and treating numerous patients suffering from baldness using FIT, FUT, and combined hair transp;ant methods, he has founded the world's newest and most advanced method called SAFER (Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Reimplantation) for the first time in the country (Iran). Dr. Daer is a member of several scientific and research communities related to Dermatology and Hair transplantation .In addition to the books he has published in his area of specialty, he also has numerous articles published in national and international journals. His constant presence and contribution to national and international conferences has helped him in establishing relations with researchers from across the globe to keep him informed of the world’s newest scientific discoveries and techniques. Dr. Daer clinic has been designed in a way that provides relaxation and comfort for the patients. The special training and experience of staff and .technicians has resulted in the success of surgical and beauty procedures, as well as very pleasing outcomes in hair transplantations


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